Passion in the Night

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I plan to crown her as my queen. Our agreement includes a wedding, one child, and a duration of five years, for a sum of ten million dollars. These conditions are part of a well-considered, audacious, yet essential contract. Fulfilling a prerequisite for my inheritance requires me to be married. She believes her stipulations will prevent me from getting close to her. However, she's mistaken. The Loughreys dominate, and I stand as their sovereign. My desires always come to fruition, and she is my current desire. I am determined to have her by my side, regardless of the circumstances.


Firemen's Nanny

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I finally scored a date with the most charming and stunning firefighter in town. Just as things were heating up during our date, duty called, and he had to rush back to the firehouse. It turns out, a baby had been left on their doorstep, and the firefighters were completely clueless about caring for an infant. They roped me in to assist, and now I find myself staying at the firehouse. Three incredibly strong, handsome heroes in their suspenders surround me. Though I initially came to help with the baby, their attention soon shifts to me. Days are filled with baby duties while the nights are spent under the care of these firefighters. Can we navigate this attraction that's spreading through the station like wildfire, or will our entire situation fizzle out?


Boardroom Shadows

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No one knows the criteria for selecting new members to the board of Simmons Banking and Holding, but there are persistent rumors about a mysterious initiation rite. It is said that one woman and nine men vanish into a boardroom for this purpose. This time, the woman chosen for this secretive process is Samantha. The Simmons family, known for owning the eighth largest bank in the world and having substantial influence over their town, including the mortgage on her parents’ mansion, now seems to have set their sights on her. Aiden Simmons, known for his charm, seduction, and ruthlessness, and most notably his deceptive nature, has caught her attention. Despite her body responding with intense desire under his intense scrutiny, she resolutely denies herself any enjoyment in it. Faced with a dire need to save her family, she is prepared to strike a deal with what she perceives as the devil, offering herself to the Simmons. However, she is adamant that while they might claim her in some ways, Aiden Simmons will never possess her heart.


Frozen Desires

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In a state of disconnection and numbness, David finds himself engaging in emotionless encounters. Haunted by the resemblance to his heartless father, he attends a dull party with plans to leave. However, everything changes when he notices a young woman in a white dress. Overhearing her conversation about her father's health, David witnesses her vulnerability. But as she walks away with an aggressive man, David's predatory instinct awakens, leading him to confront the man in his own way.


Mr. Hard


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New York Times & USA Today Bestselling Author Clarissa Wild brings you BAD TEACHER, a Standalone Romance Novel.


My Wolf Neighbours


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Elena is plagued by a sense of weakness and dissatisfaction in her life. She's been absent from her yoga classes, a routine she shared with her best friend Ashley, due to troubles in her marriage to Gerardo. Feeling like she's lost herself and worried about the negative example she's setting for her daughter, Gabby, Elena decides she needs a fresh start. She confides in Ashley, revealing her intentions to leave Gerardo and find her own strength. As the two friends chat in a juice bar, Elena bares her soul, explaining how her marriage has deteriorated over the years. She has tolerated disrespect, financial control, and emotional neglect. Her breaking point comes when Gabby confronts her about her passive behavior, and Elena realizes that she must set a better example for her daughter. Ashley, a supportive and resourceful friend, offers Elena a lifeline. She has a job opportunity for Elena as a leasing manager in the exclusive Wolf's Run community, which includes a house. The catch is that Elena must maintain the house's appearance to showcase it as a model home. While Elena initially hesitates, Ashley's offer provides her with a chance for independence and a fresh start. Determined to become a stronger, more self-reliant woman and a better role model for her daughter, Elena accepts the opportunity.


Unlikely Love

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Magnolia, a bride-to-be, is preparing for her wedding to football player William Green. Despite initially thinking he was a jerk, Magnolia has seen a softer side to him. Her best friend Isabella, who is pregnant, is living with them, along with friends Rhiannon, Luna, and Samantha. On the day of the wedding, Magnolia sneaks out to her fiancé's room and discovers him cheating with Isabella. Devastated, she decides to cancel the wedding and escape to New York with her friends. They plan to expose the truth about the cheating scandal by releasing a recorded conversation to the press. Meanwhile, Edison, a hotel owner, sympathizes with Magnolia and they begin to form an emotional connection.


Emerald Secrets

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Scarlett Butler and her sister, Emmeline, attend a party at the Bell estate. Scarlett, the introverted sister, feels out of place but agrees to support Emmeline's potential match with Gideon Bell. While seeking solace in a library, Scarlett is watched by someone until she meets Gideon. They have a tense conversation, playfully argue over a book, and Scarlett tries to seduce him. Gideon challenges her claim of being a virgin and they engage in sexual activity in the library. Scarlett is conflicted but ultimately agrees to his demands.


Beg for forgiveness

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She’s become the unexpected complication in my meticulously controlled life—the wife I never sought, the vulnerability I failed to anticipate. Relentless. Precise. Overconfident. Control is my realm, both in my personal sphere and within the corridors of power. As a billionaire CEO, marriage was never in my plans—until the specter of blackmail coerced me into an alliance with a woman whose acquaintance barely graces my knowledge. Valentina Hall, heiress to a jewelry empire and offspring of my latest adversary. Regardless of her allure or charisma, I will stop at nothing to obliterate any evidence of our forced union. Yet, there's a pressing predicament: now that she's entangled in this web I never wished to weave...I find myself unable to sever the ties. *** Graceful. Driven. Refined. I've been molded into the flawless daughter—a key for my family's ascent into the exclusive circles of high society. Uniting with a pedigreed Russo promises access to realms otherwise off-limits to my nouveau-riche kin. Despite Dante's discourteous demeanor and enigmatic nature—hardly fitting my vision of an ideal partner—I acquiesce to our orchestrated union out of familial obligation. Yearning for his caress never factored into my calculated plans. Nor did I anticipate committing the gravest transgression: finding myself ensnared by affection for my prospective spouse.



Sheila Norman

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After Kari breaks up with her date during Beginner's Night at Club Shadowlands, she's given the option to continue with an experienced dominant. Despite her steamy fantasies about BDSM, the inexperienced schoolteacher plans to simply observe. Yet under the unyielding hands of Master Dan, she not only participates, but gives him everything he asks for. There is nothing she can hide from him. Not her passion...or her love.