Wanted By The Hockey Alpha

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When your bf banged your cheerleader bff in your bedroom on your 18th birthday party, to get revenge on him, you slept with his hockey team captain. Everyone knows Captain never have a second sex with the same girl. But he wants you every night...and everyone knows that too...


My vampire professor

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After I found my bf kissing his "childhood friend", I got drunk in a bar and my best friend ordered a skilled call boy for me. He was indeed skilled and crazy hot. I left cash and ran away the next morning. Later, I ran into the "call boy" in my classroom and found he's in fact my new Professor. Gradually, I realized there was something different about him... “You forgot something.” He gave me a grocery bag in front of everyone with a poker face. “What—” I began to ask, but he was already walking away. The other students in the room were staring at me questionably, wondering what he had just handed me. I glanced inside the bag and instantly shut it, feeling the blood draining from my body. It was the bra and money I had left at his place.


Marked by my professor

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As soon as I step into the foyer of Solstice Shifter Academy, I instantly regret getting up this morning. My boyfriend is openly flirting with a girl. My fingers twitch by my sides as he gently tucks a strand of hair behind her ears, using his other hand to pull her closer to him. That’s when I spot a man standing nearby with his hands tucked into his pockets. An idea pops into my head, and not thinking it through, I start proceeding towards him. “Um miss-” “I need you to please kiss me.” I press down my lips to his, my eyes sealing shut as the reality of what I’m doing finally sets in. This is my first kiss, and it’s with a stranger. I almost think he’s going to pull away but then I feel his hands circle tighter around my waist as he deepens the kiss. Later, upon entering my classroom, I was shocked to find him there—the man I had kissed just moments ago, the man to whom I had surrendered my first kiss: my professor.


Rose and Beast

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Meeting Austin Coleman was an unexpected turn of events. He was a star quarterback in the college football league, a charming and sought-after figure in the business school. With his sexy, handsome looks and wild, uninhibited demeanor, he had no shortage of female admirers. Yet, why did he choose to tease her of all people? She preferred quiet, but he made his presence known in an assertive way, refusing to let her ignore him. Avoiding him was impossible, despite her attempts to escape his advances. To her, his declarations of love at first sight seemed nothing more than a playboy's way to pass time, an emotional game she had no interest in being a part of. She was not about to become a pawn in his bets with others or just another one-month girlfriend in Austin's life. Then came that day at the stadium, with thousands cheering for the triumphant hero, and his gaze found its way through the crowd, landing solely on her. That was the day Jane finally agreed to be with him. She thought she was starting a countdown to a month of happiness, not realizing that the man holding her in his arms, kissing her, never wanted her to stop.