CEO's Unexpected Baby

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"Congratulations, you're pregnant," the doctor said with a hint of a smile, but Violet Bennett felt as if she had just heard the biggest joke of the century. How could she possibly be pregnant when she was single? She wasn't a starfish, capable of asexual reproduction. "Doctor, you must be mistaken. There's no way I could be pregnant." "Didn't you have artificial insemination last month?" "I'm single. Why would I have artificial insemination? I just had a regular check-up last month." --- As she stepped outside of the hospital, a woman pulled her aside. It was Imogen Cook, the fiancée of the big boss of the company. "You can ask for anything you want. Have the baby and give it to me." "The child should be mine. I registered under a fake name that happened to be the same as yours. The damn doctor mixed it up and performed the artificial insemination on you." Violet was dumbfounded and shocked. So, the father of the child was the big boss? How did she get involved in such a mix-up?


Pregnant by the call boy

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Quinn, the epitome of a perfect Luna, is left shattered when she discovers her fiancé has betrayed her. In an impulsive act of revenge, she hires a call boy for a night of wild passion. As the sun rises the next morning, she leaves cash behind and slips away, convinced she has exacted her sweet revenge. Little does Quinn know, her life is about to take a jaw-dropping turn when she discovers she's pregnant after the passionate night with the call boy. Amid the turmoil and crisis of her unplanned pregnancy, she inadvertently crosses paths with the man from that fateful night. However, the man standing before her isn't just any call boy; he's the future Alpha King—her fiancé's boss. Her heart races as she gazes at the powerful figure towering before her. The Alpha King smirks, cornering her with an air of dominance and desire. Raising an eyebrow, he taunts Quinn with a question that sends shivers down her spine: "A call boy, huh?"


Rise and Conquer

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Daniel Hall is a pretentious, work-obsessed, and exasperating billionaire, who happens to be my boss. He's unbearable. And yet, he's the father of my child. Working for Daniel is a nightmare. Despite his striking looks and immense wealth, he seems to have a personal vendetta against me, bombarding me with last-minute tasks and weekend work, ruining all my plans. I've been counting down to leave as soon as my two-year contract is up and I receive my signing bonus. But after an exceptionally terrible day, a breakup over text, and my computer crashing, I reach my limit. So, at the stroke of midnight on Friday, I storm into Daniel’s office, ready to unleash my pent-up frustrations. Except, things don’t go as planned. AT ALL. Catching your incredibly attractive boss in a compromising situation, especially when he's calling out your name, can throw off even the most determined. And the result? I'm now expecting his child. He proposes marriage as a solution, thinking it's the honorable thing to do. But marrying him? That’s definitely not in my plans.


Return With His Quartet

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Aurora fell victim to a malicious scheme, her purity taken away, and the man from that night left her a keepsake. Unfortunately, she lost it and couldn’t find him, leaving her with nothing and an uncertain future. Five years later, she made an impressive comeback with her four adorable children. Through a twist of fate, she accidentally caught the attention of a powerful figure who held control over life and death. Her eldest exclaimed, “Mommy, I hacked the big shot’s company. He’ll come to apologize to you.” The second child chimed in, “Mommy, I inadvertently tricked the big shot into visiting our home.” The middle child shared, “Mommy, the big shot wants me to travel abroad and taste delicious food.” The youngest revealed, “Mommy, the ... ”


Frozen Desires

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In a state of disconnection and numbness, David finds himself engaging in emotionless encounters. Haunted by the resemblance to his heartless father, he attends a dull party with plans to leave. However, everything changes when he notices a young woman in a white dress. Overhearing her conversation about her father's health, David witnesses her vulnerability. But as she walks away with an aggressive man, David's predatory instinct awakens, leading him to confront the man in his own way.


Rejected by my contract mate

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I belong to the Volana wolves, marked as a target of Evil. My blood possesses the power to grant eternal life. Since the age of 10, my father imprisoned me, taking the life of my wolf and subjecting me to a horrifying assault. No wolf. No mate. No hope. Until Quinton offered to be my contract mate. As the three-year contract comes to an end, I find myself pregnant. However, he intends to reject me. --- "I'm going to be a mother!" I exclaim in blissful disbelief. Eager to share the news with Quinton, I've been grinning like a fool since leaving the doctor's office and practiced how I'd tell him while driving. Butterflies flutter rapidly in my belly as I climb the stairs, my body thrumming with anticipation. But the ecstatic smile fades the moment I walk in. Quinton is already there, waiting for me. Alone in the darkened living room, he holds a tumbler of amber liquid, a severe frown dominating his handsome face. Finally, he speaks, "Tomorrow I'm going to have my father put things in motion for our rejection ceremony." --- I am Quinton's burden. He marries me out of duty. Yet, when I decide to leave, seeking to give him freedom, he becomes frantic in search of me. Upon our reunion, he confesses his love for me.


Pregnant By A Mafia Boss

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Having a mobster's baby definitely wasn't in my life plan. I'm Amelia Martinez, inexperienced in matters of love or desire. Loss is what I've grown familiar with. After my father's tragic death, I found myself under the roof of Johnny, a commanding and alluring mob boss. His strict rules drive me crazy, but I can't deny the intense pull I feel toward Johnny. He's a walking danger, and our paths are on a collision course. Yet, something ominous brews in the criminal underworld, a threat that could shatter both our worlds. And as I discover I'm pregnant with a mobster's child, my entire life shifts. Will Johnny shield both me and our unborn baby? Or is it him that needs protecting from the dangers closing in?


Pregnant with the billionaire's triplets

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At a family gathering, my husband drops a bombshell: another woman is carrying his child, and I'm unjustly accused of rendezvousing with a stranger in the garden. Ending my eight-year marriage becomes inevitable. Despite being diagnosed with cancer, I embark on a journey of self-improvement, hitting the gym, and dedicating myself to hard work. Little did I anticipate the entrance of the mysterious man from that fateful night. He happens to be a billionaire and the former hockey coach of my childhood crush! Caught in a complex love triangle involving him and his renowned model ex-wife, I find myself swept into unexpected circumstances. To my surprise, we share a memorable, albeit intoxicated, evening at my best friend's party. A mere month later, defying my ex-husband's belief in my infertility, I discover I'm pregnant with the billionaire's triplets. It's surreal to realize that my deepest dreams are coming true, yet I'm faced with the harsh reality of having less than six months to live!


Until We Meet Again

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Hugo Adams, a successful businessman and notorious playboy, is shocked when his wife, Avery Morris, arrives at his office with their son, Kevin. Having no recollection of their past or the existence of his son, Hugo must come to terms with the sudden responsibility of fatherhood. As Hugo spends time with Kevin, he begins to see the similarities between them and feels a sense of connection. However, he struggles to explain his absence and reconcile with Avery, whom he hardly knows.


My Mysterious Billionaire Husband

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Calista, formerly a wealthy heiress, finds herself confronted with a cascade of life-altering events that thrust her into the abyss of despair: the unforeseen betrayal of her fiancé, her father's financial ruin, and a fateful night that irrevocably alters her path.