Rejected Moon

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Audrey, once filled with dreams of eternal love and a future with her partner Levi, finds herself chained in a barn at Torres Mansion, her heartbreak matched by physical pain. Doubts about their union arise due to Audrey's illegitimacy, and she now reflects on the moments they shared. Alone and desperate, Audrey clings to fleeting memories as reality reveals a different picture. Levi, the alpha, intends to execute her, leaving Audrey feeling betrayed and abandoned. Filled with rage, she vows retribution against Levi Torres.


Tempting Fear

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Grace, a bartender at a nightclub, reluctantly agrees to wear a uniform top she's uncomfortable with to appease her manager, Callum. Grace has a photo of her and her mom in her locker, reflecting on their similarities. Grace hides her tattoo, marking her as a werewolf, as best as she can. A customer hits on her and asks about her tattoo, offering money for the story behind it. Grace lies, saying it's a reminder of her mother's murder. Another werewolf enters the bar, and the owner, also a werewolf, questions Grace about her pack. Henry offers to take her to meet the Alpha, and Grace considers running but decides to act normal. She attempts to escape but is caught by Henry. A mysterious man named Zayden appears, revealing himself as the Alpha, and takes Grace to his pack's headquarters.


Moon's Embrace

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In a world of oppressive pack dynamics, a young woman finds herself forced into a mate bond with the notorious alpha, Johnny Rogers. As they escape her cruel uncle's clutches, she must navigate the uncertain territory of being the Luna to Johnny's pack, all while facing the fear of her overwhelming destiny and survival under this new alpha. With her twenty-third birthday approaching, her journey towards freedom and self-discovery begins.


Crimson Bonds

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In the labyrinth of the Academy, where shifting shadows and whispered secrets reign supreme, Mave's world shattered on their very first day. Imagine, being thrust into a realm of towering expectations and clandestine politics, only to find one's destined mate—the revered Alpha's son—callously rejecting them in front of the entire shifter community. But amidst the heartache and the unrelenting pull of the rejected bond, Mave harbored an audacious determination—to defy fate itself. Their journey unfolds not only in the tumultuous world of wolf pack politics but also in the enigmatic presence of a captivating human companion, tangled in their own web of undisclosed truths.


Chasing the Moon's Salvation

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In the vast wilderness of the most formidable pack on earth, my existence followed a predetermined path, etched in stone from the moment I reached the age of eighteen. That was when the moon ceremony, a sacred rite of passage, would unveil my true mate, binding our souls and unlocking the mystical shifter energy bestowed upon the male members of our pack by the benevolent moon goddess. This energy is the key to our most sacred ability – to transform into majestic wolves. However, in an unprecedented twist of fate, the newly ascended alpha, the epitome of strength and power, found his destined partner in the least expected person – a mere orphan, a child of no lineage or esteemed heritage, raised in the shadows of the pack's orphanage. That person was me. My world shattered when this alpha, my supposed soulmate, cast me aside with ruthless disdain, subjecting me to public scorn and a cruel exile into the unforgiving sea. But fate had other plans. In the darkest depths of despair, I was discovered and rescued by the enigmatic alphas of the Fall Mountain Pack, a group shrouded in mystery and feared across the lands for the darkness that envelops them. In their realm, rejection is not a curse but a sacred rite, a gateway to join their ranks. Their ancient and forbidden deity bestows upon them the extraordinary ability to shift forms without the need for a mate, a power considered heretical and forbidden by our traditions. As I stand at the crossroads of destiny, I realize that my lifelong devotion to the moon goddess was but a prelude to a more profound connection with a deity long forgotten, a god whose realm I was always destined to inhabit. My journey from an outcast to a being of power and mystery was not by chance, but a path written in the stars, leading me to a destiny far greater than I ever imagined.


My Wolf Neighbours


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Elena is plagued by a sense of weakness and dissatisfaction in her life. She's been absent from her yoga classes, a routine she shared with her best friend Ashley, due to troubles in her marriage to Gerardo. Feeling like she's lost herself and worried about the negative example she's setting for her daughter, Gabby, Elena decides she needs a fresh start. She confides in Ashley, revealing her intentions to leave Gerardo and find her own strength. As the two friends chat in a juice bar, Elena bares her soul, explaining how her marriage has deteriorated over the years. She has tolerated disrespect, financial control, and emotional neglect. Her breaking point comes when Gabby confronts her about her passive behavior, and Elena realizes that she must set a better example for her daughter. Ashley, a supportive and resourceful friend, offers Elena a lifeline. She has a job opportunity for Elena as a leasing manager in the exclusive Wolf's Run community, which includes a house. The catch is that Elena must maintain the house's appearance to showcase it as a model home. While Elena initially hesitates, Ashley's offer provides her with a chance for independence and a fresh start. Determined to become a stronger, more self-reliant woman and a better role model for her daughter, Elena accepts the opportunity.


Alpha's Unbidden Yearning

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In an unforeseen turn of events, I inadvertently became the mail-order bride of an Alpha. However, upon my arrival, his rejection cut deeper than I could have imagined. A struggling writer delving into shifter romances, I was oblivious to the existence of shifters—let alone marrying one. Unbeknownst to me, my unexpected union led to imprisonment within his abode. He claims ignorance of our supposed connection, attributing it to a falsified dating profile. Yet, upon witnessing the clandestine Alpha Island, he insists on my confinement for protection against lurking demons. Trapped within the confines of a house with a tantalizing Alpha wolf, I find myself in an unconventional predicament. Though he embodies rudeness, incessant dreams plague my mind. Dreams of his intimate touch, his tongue claiming mine without consent, his hands teasing my form until I ache for more. Curiosity and desire intertwine, blurring lines between fantasy and reality. Will this brusque Alpha cater to my unspoken desires? Or will he force me to plead for what I yearn for? Meanwhile, on Kurivon Island, a band of unyielding alpha wolves arrives, resolute in staking claims, conquering territories, and capturing their mate's affections. Their resolve knows no compromise—whatever they desire, they obtain.


The Lycan's Intrigue

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From the very depths of my being, I've contemplated the countless ways to spurn the one who so callously tossed me aside. As the future Alpha, he was a figure of immense influence and power, and when he chose another woman over me, the sting of rejection burned deep. But I wasn't alone in my indignation; my two unwavering allies stood firmly by my side. Together, we concocted a master plan, a scheme so cunning it would serve the haughty future Alpha a dose of his own bitter medicine. They say there's nothing more formidable than a woman's wrath, and in our quest for retribution, we embodied that fury. Operation Payback was the name we gave our plan, a fitting title for a scheme born from the ashes of scorn and betrayal. But just when I thought my world had settled into a new rhythm of sweet revenge, an unexpected element entered the fray – a lycan. His arrival added layers of intrigue and complexity to my already tumultuous life.


Awakening Delphine

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Landon, a wealthy and successful man, develops a crush on Delphine, his best friend's sister. Intrigued by her unique style and strong-willed personality, Landon decides to approach Delphine at a frat party. He intentionally loses a bet in order to have an excuse to reconnect with her. Delphine, a smart and shy woman with a dating program for smart and shy girls, is surprised to see Landon but eventually agrees to let him go through her program. Landon plans to slowly win over Delphine's heart and make her his own.


Bound by Fate

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Even with a destined mate, some things remain inevitable. As the prospective alpha of the Silver Wolves, my path was clear: remain concealed and hone my combat skills. But fate had other plans. My pack met a brutal fate, and now I'm on the run, desperate for survival. Amidst this quest for safety, an unexpected revelation emerges. My fated mate. The infuriating alpha, despite his flaws, offers me something invaluable—protection. Despite my resistance against our destined bond, fate persists in drawing us closer. Yet, I dread the toll it might exact from us both. With a hidden adversary hot on my trail, I'm faced with harrowing choices. Decisions that could reshape my existence or bring it to a chilling end.