Sports Romance


Wanted By The Hockey Alpha

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When your bf banged your cheerleader bff in your bedroom on your 18th birthday party, to get revenge on him, you slept with his hockey team captain. Everyone knows Captain never have a second sex with the same girl. But he wants you every night...and everyone knows that too...


Pregnant with the billionaire's triplets

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At a family gathering, my husband drops a bombshell: another woman is carrying his child, and I'm unjustly accused of rendezvousing with a stranger in the garden. Ending my eight-year marriage becomes inevitable. Despite being diagnosed with cancer, I embark on a journey of self-improvement, hitting the gym, and dedicating myself to hard work. Little did I anticipate the entrance of the mysterious man from that fateful night. He happens to be a billionaire and the former hockey coach of my childhood crush! Caught in a complex love triangle involving him and his renowned model ex-wife, I find myself swept into unexpected circumstances. To my surprise, we share a memorable, albeit intoxicated, evening at my best friend's party. A mere month later, defying my ex-husband's belief in my infertility, I discover I'm pregnant with the billionaire's triplets. It's surreal to realize that my deepest dreams are coming true, yet I'm faced with the harsh reality of having less than six months to live!


The Lost Journey

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Jocelyn From a young age, I knew fairy godmothers were pure fiction. Growing up in foster care teaches you that fast. I'm clawing my way through night school, building my own business without relying on anyone, thank you very much. But when my deadbeat ex pulls off identity theft, racking up an insurmountable debt in my name, my so-called fairy godmother emerges—a feisty septuagenarian armed with Fireball whisky. Her solution for my mess? Marry a brooding jock in a kilt, whose legs rock a skirt better than mine ever could. Matthew I never dreamed of being a place-kicker in a pro football team. Fate just took the reins. Banished from Scotland ten years back, now I'm this athletic sensation, labeled as the 'Man with the Million Dollar Leg' across the league. But when some bureaucratic mess-up jeopardizes my stay before the season kick-starts, I'll go to any lengths to dodge deportation and confront my biggest blunder. Even if it means tying the knot with a lass—pink hair and all—with eyes that seem to pry into everything I'm set on concealing.


Forgotten Flames

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Levi I've built my life on precision, both on and off the field. As the Growlers' wide receiver, I follow a clear routine: date one carefully selected woman each season, then gracefully part ways. Football's my focus, not romance. Until my goofy mutt takes a liking to a French bulldog owned by a woman who's a total handful—sassy mouth, mind-boggling curves, and all—sending my perfectly crafted plans into a tailspin. Margaret Following that mortifying concert disaster broadcasted worldwide on social media, I've vowed to abandon my musical aspirations. Completely. I'm holed up at my grandparents' place in Milwaukee, trying to heal from the humiliation and gearing up for a foreseeable, albeit potentially dull, career in law. The absolute last thing I need is a charming, dog-saving athlete, who cherishes his grandma as much as he adores a good challenge, questioning my life decisions.