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CEO's Unexpected Baby

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"Congratulations, you're pregnant," the doctor said with a hint of a smile, but Violet Bennett felt as if she had just heard the biggest joke of the century. How could she possibly be pregnant when she was single? She wasn't a starfish, capable of asexual reproduction. "Doctor, you must be mistaken. There's no way I could be pregnant." "Didn't you have artificial insemination last month?" "I'm single. Why would I have artificial insemination? I just had a regular check-up last month." --- As she stepped outside of the hospital, a woman pulled her aside. It was Imogen Cook, the fiancée of the big boss of the company. "You can ask for anything you want. Have the baby and give it to me." "The child should be mine. I registered under a fake name that happened to be the same as yours. The damn doctor mixed it up and performed the artificial insemination on you." Violet was dumbfounded and shocked. So, the father of the child was the big boss? How did she get involved in such a mix-up?


Alpha's Baby Bargain

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"You want a hundred thousand dollars for your body, fine. Give me an heir in six months, and the money's yours when the baby's born." His voice dripped with icy determination, sending shivers down my spine. "Are you serious?" I managed to choke out. "Yes," he affirmed. "B-but what about the other part of my request?" I stuttered nervously. "What other part?" His eyebrow arched in curiosity. Clutching the contract tightly to my chest, I whispered, "The part where I get to leave. If I have your baby, can I take the money and walk away?" When I was auctioned off to my ex-boyfriend, a man I hadn't seen in years, he agreed to a contract: I give him a child, and I could take the money and leave. But now, after the birth, he seemed to be having second thoughts.


The Billionaire's Baby Bargain

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Alma is the surrogate mother for billionaire Arthur He is handsome, powerful, and ruthless. When Alma gives birth to his daughter, his ex-girlfriend comes back into the picture. Alma sees them shopping for a diamond ring together. Arthur approaches her and says, "I have to ask you something." Alma thinks he wants her to leave, but Arthur surprises her by asking "Will you marry me?" Alma is stunned. -- Obligated by debts, Alma had no choice but to sign a surrogacy contract with billionaire Arthur. She thought she could leave after giving birth to the baby, but instead, she finds herself falling for Arthur's charisma. He helps her achieve her dreams and gives her the best love she could ask for. Although she's head over heels for him, she knows she can't possibly become his wife. Can she really give up her baby and the man she deeply loves?


Accidental Surrogate For The Billionaire

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Ava Jackson, a General Surgeon, discovers that the embryo implanted in her during insemination was switched accidentally a decade ago. She faces the possibility of the sperm donor claiming parental rights or pushing for termination. Ava grapples with the implications of raising triplets alone, her career, and a potential legal battle. Unexpectedly, Finnian Carmichael shows up claiming to be the father of her unborn children, causing Ava to faint into his arms.