Firemen's Nanny

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I finally scored a date with the most charming and stunning firefighter in town. Just as things were heating up during our date, duty called, and he had to rush back to the firehouse. It turns out, a baby had been left on their doorstep, and the firefighters were completely clueless about caring for an infant. They roped me in to assist, and now I find myself staying at the firehouse. Three incredibly strong, handsome heroes in their suspenders surround me. Though I initially came to help with the baby, their attention soon shifts to me. Days are filled with baby duties while the nights are spent under the care of these firefighters. Can we navigate this attraction that's spreading through the station like wildfire, or will our entire situation fizzle out?


The Four Horsemen's Pursuit

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Eulalia, once a free and vibrant soul, now finds herself imprisoned and devoid of all memory. Time passes, and a burning desire for revenge against the Four Horsemen consumes her. Finally released, she is tasked with finding and destroying them. Returning to the city, Eulalia is determined to fulfill her goal, even at the risk of her own life.


My Harkwright girl

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Camila is a very insecure girl who has no idea of her beauty and her effect on men. To pay for her sister's medical bills and to help her mother, she decides to go to a university for three years... where not only her mind, but her body and soul pay the price..... OUt of soo many contestants vying for the 100 points..... The 15 harkwrights men rule the school....girls must obey all orders... No matter what... or they will be expelled from school.... Will Camila persevere and sacrifice herself for her mother and sister for three years? Or will they break her before the time is up? "Believe me, my star, I'm just getting started. You are the prize, and I can't wait to collect it. My star, my Harkwright girl, and an inheritance fit for a prince."


Torn Faith

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Faith, trapped in a toxic family dynamic, is forced into an unwanted union with a man named Colton. Her pleas for help go unanswered as her mother and others are also subjected to similar arrangements. Held by a menacing Simeon, Faith discovers the dark underbelly of her family's powerful alliance. As she resists Simeon's advances, she faces objectification and humiliation. Despite her valiant efforts, Faith realizes her grim reality: there is no escape from her oppressive circumstances.


Embracing Destiny's Trio

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Cast aside by her true mate and pack, Lyla, a lone shifter, awakens amidst the woods, her memory clouded with ominous fragments of the past. Embracing newfound strength in her abilities and an unyielding yearning for a mate, she finds solace and kinship in three distinct shifters. As she forges an unbreakable bond with her newfound family, threats from her past surface, threatening to dismantle the life she's carefully woven. With unwavering determination and the unwavering support of her protective trio, she faces off against sinister forces, certain that their united front will thwart any attempt to shatter the life she's come to cherish.