Firemen's Nanny

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I finally scored a date with the most charming and stunning firefighter in town. Just as things were heating up during our date, duty called, and he had to rush back to the firehouse. It turns out, a baby had been left on their doorstep, and the firefighters were completely clueless about caring for an infant. They roped me in to assist, and now I find myself staying at the firehouse. Three incredibly strong, handsome heroes in their suspenders surround me. Though I initially came to help with the baby, their attention soon shifts to me. Days are filled with baby duties while the nights are spent under the care of these firefighters. Can we navigate this attraction that's spreading through the station like wildfire, or will our entire situation fizzle out?


Tempting Fear

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Grace, a bartender at a nightclub, reluctantly agrees to wear a uniform top she's uncomfortable with to appease her manager, Callum. Grace has a photo of her and her mom in her locker, reflecting on their similarities. Grace hides her tattoo, marking her as a werewolf, as best as she can. A customer hits on her and asks about her tattoo, offering money for the story behind it. Grace lies, saying it's a reminder of her mother's murder. Another werewolf enters the bar, and the owner, also a werewolf, questions Grace about her pack. Henry offers to take her to meet the Alpha, and Grace considers running but decides to act normal. She attempts to escape but is caught by Henry. A mysterious man named Zayden appears, revealing himself as the Alpha, and takes Grace to his pack's headquarters.


Crimson Bonds

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In the labyrinth of the Academy, where shifting shadows and whispered secrets reign supreme, Mave's world shattered on their very first day. Imagine, being thrust into a realm of towering expectations and clandestine politics, only to find one's destined mate—the revered Alpha's son—callously rejecting them in front of the entire shifter community. But amidst the heartache and the unrelenting pull of the rejected bond, Mave harbored an audacious determination—to defy fate itself. Their journey unfolds not only in the tumultuous world of wolf pack politics but also in the enigmatic presence of a captivating human companion, tangled in their own web of undisclosed truths.


The Lycan's Intrigue

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From the very depths of my being, I've contemplated the countless ways to spurn the one who so callously tossed me aside. As the future Alpha, he was a figure of immense influence and power, and when he chose another woman over me, the sting of rejection burned deep. But I wasn't alone in my indignation; my two unwavering allies stood firmly by my side. Together, we concocted a master plan, a scheme so cunning it would serve the haughty future Alpha a dose of his own bitter medicine. They say there's nothing more formidable than a woman's wrath, and in our quest for retribution, we embodied that fury. Operation Payback was the name we gave our plan, a fitting title for a scheme born from the ashes of scorn and betrayal. But just when I thought my world had settled into a new rhythm of sweet revenge, an unexpected element entered the fray – a lycan. His arrival added layers of intrigue and complexity to my already tumultuous life.


The Four Horsemen's Pursuit

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Eulalia, once a free and vibrant soul, now finds herself imprisoned and devoid of all memory. Time passes, and a burning desire for revenge against the Four Horsemen consumes her. Finally released, she is tasked with finding and destroying them. Returning to the city, Eulalia is determined to fulfill her goal, even at the risk of her own life.


My Harkwright girl

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Camila is a very insecure girl who has no idea of her beauty and her effect on men. To pay for her sister's medical bills and to help her mother, she decides to go to a university for three years... where not only her mind, but her body and soul pay the price..... OUt of soo many contestants vying for the 100 points..... The 15 harkwrights men rule the school....girls must obey all orders... No matter what... or they will be expelled from school.... Will Camila persevere and sacrifice herself for her mother and sister for three years? Or will they break her before the time is up? "Believe me, my star, I'm just getting started. You are the prize, and I can't wait to collect it. My star, my Harkwright girl, and an inheritance fit for a prince."


Entangled Fates

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Walter "If she spends every night in my bed, she'll inevitably develop feelings for me... and it'll get awkward when I have to eliminate her." She's my ultimate failure. The name that torments me incessantly. My concealed shame. And when I had the chance to abduct her from her wedding, nothing could deter me. She's mine. I could claim her life, body, or heart if I so desired. But my brothers doubt me. So, when they challenge me to make the little principessa fall for me, I accept without hesitation. And when she lays bare her soul, pleading, I'll crush it mercilessly. I'm setting up the Calabresis like falling dominoes. And she'll be the initial tumble. Ava He's my dark nightmare. My sworn enemy in blood. My unyielding craving. Our destinies entwined the night he attempted my demise, and now he's returned to obliterate me once and for all. It's always been our clan against theirs—the Calabresis versus the Romeros. This city belongs to us, but they swore to seize it. When they couldn't, they snatched me instead. Now I'm shackled by the cruelest of them all—the man who once sought to choke the life out of me. But I won't succumb to him. I've grown older, fiercer, and sprouted claws of my own. Walter believes he can hold me captive, but he'll soon regret inviting a dormant tiger into his lair.


Friday Morning's Curse: Goddamn it, Abigail

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Abigail, a dedicated and hardworking employee, is reprimanded by her boss, Danielley, for falling asleep during a meeting. As she reflects on taking responsibility for her actions, Abigail overhears a conversation about splitting profits and moving the business. To her dismay, Danielley announces the decision to move the shop and bring in a new co-owner named Daniel Danielley. Despite her initial hesitation, Abigail feels an instant connection to the intimidating new boss.


Blossom of the Valley: A Magical Birth

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Sophia, a young girl with a mysterious mark, is taken from her mother by the High King to be tested for magic. Her mother, Bellamy, desperately tries to save her, but Sophia is raised in the castle. Years later, Sophia is alone in the forest when she encounters a dangerous creature. She manages to kill it, but wonders if the curse that plagued her village is spreading. Returning home, she reflects on the close call and enters a room filled with rare plants collected by her aunt.


Torn Faith

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Faith, trapped in a toxic family dynamic, is forced into an unwanted union with a man named Colton. Her pleas for help go unanswered as her mother and others are also subjected to similar arrangements. Held by a menacing Simeon, Faith discovers the dark underbelly of her family's powerful alliance. As she resists Simeon's advances, she faces objectification and humiliation. Despite her valiant efforts, Faith realizes her grim reality: there is no escape from her oppressive circumstances.