Forgotten Flames

Forgotten Flames

Nichelle Allyne

81,210 Words



Levi I've built my life on precision, both on and off the field. As the Growlers' wide receiver, I follow a clear routine: date one carefully selected woman each season, then gracefully part ways. Fo otball's my focus, not romance. Until my goofy mutt takes a liking to a French bulldog owned by a woman who's a total handful—sassy mouth, mind-boggling curves, and all—sending my perfectly crafted plans into a tailspin. Margaret Following that mortifying concert disaster broadcasted worldwide on social media, I've vowed to abandon my musical aspirations. Completely. I'm holed up at my grandparents' place in Milwaukee, trying to heal from the humiliation and gearing up for a foreseeable, albeit potentially dull, career in law. The absolute last thing I need is a charming, dog-saving athlete, who cherishes his grandma as much as he adores a good challenge, questioning my life decisions.