Lost In Time

Lost In Time

Arvilla Lockamy

42,147 Words



Levi Price, heir to a crumbling estate, encounters his brother's seductive wife, Elara, before receiving a call about a mysterious chess opponent. Kassandra, a waitress, catches Levi's eye and is reve aled to be the opponent. Intrigued, Levi challenges her to a high-stakes game. Kassandra is caught off guard but refuses to back down. As their interaction intensifies, Levi reveals his identity and invites her to play chess in his office. Despite initial reluctance, their attraction grows, leading to a passionate kiss. However, when Kassandra intentionally lets Levi win, he suspects foul play. Kassandra faces unemployment and confronts Levi, who denies involvement and offers her a job. Their interaction becomes intimate, but Kassandra resists. Upon Levi's return, evidence of theft complicates matters.