Beg for forgiveness

Beg for forgiveness

Clyde Ebach

98,669 Words



She’s become the unexpected complication in my meticulously controlled life—the wife I never sought, the vulnerability I failed to anticipate. Relentless. Precise. Overconfident. Control is my realm , both in my personal sphere and within the corridors of power. As a billionaire CEO, marriage was never in my plans—until the specter of blackmail coerced me into an alliance with a woman whose acquaintance barely graces my knowledge. Valentina Hall, heiress to a jewelry empire and offspring of my latest adversary. Regardless of her allure or charisma, I will stop at nothing to obliterate any evidence of our forced union. Yet, there's a pressing predicament: now that she's entangled in this web I never wished to weave...I find myself unable to sever the ties. *** Graceful. Driven. Refined. I've been molded into the flawless daughter—a key for my family's ascent into the exclusive circles of high society. Uniting with a pedigreed Russo promises access to realms otherwise off-limits to my nouveau-riche kin. Despite Dante's discourteous demeanor and enigmatic nature—hardly fitting my vision of an ideal partner—I acquiesce to our orchestrated union out of familial obligation. Yearning for his caress never factored into my calculated plans. Nor did I anticipate committing the gravest transgression: finding myself ensnared by affection for my prospective spouse.