Tangled Trust

Tangled Trust

Livia Donehoo

101,503 Words



Rylee: Preston embodies brevity and intensity. His aura warns against any touch—a dangerous temptation I'm all too eager to embrace. My life's chaos screams against inviting a man in. My deceased hus band left behind a web of problems, and Preston holds answers he's unwilling to divulge. Trusting him feels like an impossible gamble. My body yearns for him, yet I must resist. Preston: Words aren't needed for women to gravitate toward me, but none have captivated me like Rylee. Her image drew me in, and now thoughts of her consume me. I ache to touch her, to taste her lips, to cherish every curve. My duty is protecting Rylee and her son while seeking answers, but placing trust in her is a whole other challenge. With our lives intertwined, trust becomes my sole lifeline.