Lost in Time

Lost in Time

Myriam Geffers

58,795 Words



"Your past isn't my concern. Leave before I have to make you." Maverick strides away without a second glance, slamming his door shut behind him. Rejected by my mate, I have to seek solace in a new pa ck, desperate to escape the agony inflicted by the one who caused it. Yet, fleeing the pain is never simple, especially when my son stands as a constant reminder of a past I yearn to erase. In the course of rebuilding my life, an unexpected encounter thrusts me back into the presence of Maverick, the striking and commanding alpha who shattered my innocent heart. Trust doesn't come easy, if at all, especially with him. But as danger looms, he emerges as the sole protector capable of ensuring our safety. Can the bond we share as mates bridge the chasm between us? Or will pride erect insurmountable barriers, jeopardizing our very lives?