Alpha's Gambit

Alpha's Gambit

Priscila Mckinnell

46,359 Words



Forced into the Mate Games against her will, the ultimate prize being the position of Alpha's mate, she finds herself in the clutches of a man she could never willingly choose. Enslaved and stripped o f autonomy, participation becomes her only option. As she navigates the competitive arena to vie for the Alpha's affections, she battles the confined existence within his quarters, succumbing to unexpected sensations in his touch. Driven by boredom, he orchestrates public trials on an island teeming with demons, beckoning women to vie for his favor. Burdened by a covert mission to undermine him, she grapples with forbidden emotions, torn between her objective and his relentless pursuit. Their interactions oscillate between distant standoff and intimate captivity, blurring the lines of her resolve. His possessiveness ensnares her in moments of vulnerability, forcing her closer despite her mission's dictates. Amidst the arrival of a group of alpha wolves on Kurivon Island, each vying to claim territory and hearts, the Alpha's relentless pursuit casts doubt on her fate—will she be claimed against her will?