Alpha's Unbidden Yearning

Alpha's Unbidden Yearning

Alta Vanfossen

50,447 Words



In an unforeseen turn of events, I inadvertently became the mail-order bride of an Alpha. However, upon my arrival, his rejection cut deeper than I could have imagined. A struggling writer delving int o shifter romances, I was oblivious to the existence of shifters—let alone marrying one. Unbeknownst to me, my unexpected union led to imprisonment within his abode. He claims ignorance of our supposed connection, attributing it to a falsified dating profile. Yet, upon witnessing the clandestine Alpha Island, he insists on my confinement for protection against lurking demons. Trapped within the confines of a house with a tantalizing Alpha wolf, I find myself in an unconventional predicament. Though he embodies rudeness, incessant dreams plague my mind. Dreams of his intimate touch, his tongue claiming mine without consent, his hands teasing my form until I ache for more. Curiosity and desire intertwine, blurring lines between fantasy and reality. Will this brusque Alpha cater to my unspoken desires? Or will he force me to plead for what I yearn for? Meanwhile, on Kurivon Island, a band of unyielding alpha wolves arrives, resolute in staking claims, conquering territories, and capturing their mate's affections. Their resolve knows no compromise—whatever they desire, they obtain.