The Luna is me

The Luna is me

Mignon Barcik

233,640 Words



I was rejected by my Alpha Bryson, my fated mate, because he wanted a stronger she-wolf. --- "She can't be my Luna, Lawrence," Bryson replied, his voice a mix of despair and determination. "What? Why?" Lawrence's voice rose, anger threading through his disbelief. Bryson's voice was calm, yet it sliced through the air like a cold, sharp blade. "She is a child," he declared, his eyes not meeting mine. "She is not strong enough to be a Luna. I need someone stronger." "Are you going to reject the Goddess’ gift just because you think she's not strong enough?!" Bryson remained unflustered, his gaze steady. "It's for the good of the pack," he explained, as if discussing something as mundane as the weather. "Our pack needs robust leadership, especially now, with the rogues attacking more frequently." "An Alpha is always stronger with his Luna by his side," Lawrence growled, his fists clenching at his sides. "He is. And I will have my Luna," Bryson stated firmly, his decision clear in his unwavering tone. "I am considering Stella as my chosen mate."