The Lost Evelyn

The Lost Evelyn

Karri Anton

330,944 Words



"The lost Evelyn Jenkins could be anywhere," the newscaster intoned. "And she may not even know who she is." "So, for all you young women nearing eighteen," he announced, "if you're marked by thick e yebrows and curls wild as untamed vines, reach out to us. You might just be Evelyn Jenkins, lost heiress to the colossal fortune of Eli Jenkins, a titan on his deathbed." --- Growing up as the adopted child in my family, I never imagined that my true identity was the heiress of the patriarch of The United Association of Alphas. Even more surprising was the day a striking Alpha billionaire appeared at my door, holding extravagant gifts. With a charming smile, he said, "I'm your fiancé, Evelyn. I brought a few things, gifts that rightfully belong to you." Fiancé? Evelyn? My name was Clara, and here stood a man spinning a tale that seemed straight out of a fairy tale.