The Lycan's Choice

The Lycan's Choice

Alene Sobus

107,168 Words



Shunned by my parents and sister, I endure relentless bullying at school. I am left in awe when I discover that my mate is none other than the Alpha's son, Louis. However, my world crumbles when, on t he very days I acknowledge our bond, he marks someone else. Plunged into desolation, my woes intensify as I find myself offered to the Lycan King as his breeder, residing in Veil. The Lycan are notorious for their merciless nature, utilizing breeders and then callously discarding them—either imprisoning them for life or eradicating them entirely. Hunter, the Lycan King, arrives to claim me, assuming he would reject me since he is already promised to a she-lycan. Yet, what unfolds next defies all expectations. Will I remain merely his breeder, or will I ascend to become his Luna? What fate awaits Louis? Whom will I ultimately choose in this intricate web of destiny?