Moon's Embrace

Moon's Embrace

Librada Demoss

53,064 Words



The wild spirit within me longs to break free, to run wild and unrestrained. But that's not an option. Not now. Not ever. Years of abuse, neglect, and torment at the hands of my uncle have subdued an d silenced my shifter instincts. After all, what good would come from unleashing the savage creature inside me, desperate for liberation? But then, everything changes... Suddenly thrust into an arranged marriage and trapped within a new pack among strangers, my inner wolf refuses to be contained. Adam, the alpha of the pack, doesn't make it easy to suppress my beast—or my desires. I'm clawing at the walls, desperate to shift. Can I resist the alluring, enigmatic alpha who tempts me, or will I remain imprisoned within myself forever? Warning: This book contains mature language, violence, and explicit scenes, recommended for readers aged 18 and above.